MySmile™ Designs at Ocean Ceramics

MySmile™ designs were created to give doctors and patients an initial vision of how they would want their new smile to be created. The MySmile™ designs are used to create a treatment plan to achieve the desired smile esthetics as closely as possible, but in no way guarantees that each patient’s new smile will be a duplicate of any My Smile™ design selected. Clinical situations involving hard or soft tissue could prevent delivery of each My Smile™ design.

When a MySmile™ design is selected, the doctor and patient select the new central length/overjet along with the desired shade.

The MySmile™ Design Process

If you and your patient are looking for a way to improve the esthetics of their prosthetic, Ocean Ceramics is happy to provide our My Smile™designs. During our consultation, we will discuss the colour, shape and form of the crown, bridge or veneers that our team will be designing. Below you can view our various design options including focused, enhanced, natural and more! Using your smile, we will provide photos of what the various shapes will look like!

Once a design has been decided upon, your patient will need to complete the MySmile™ Design Authorization Form for their specific choice and our Authorization for Prosthetics form.

  • My Smile™  Aggressive

    My Smile™ Aggressive

  • My Smile™  Mature

    My Smile™ Mature

  • Focused My Smile™

    Focused My Smile™

  • Enhanced My Smile™

    Enhanced My Smile™

  • Natural My Smile™

    Natural My Smile™

  • My Smile™  Softened

    My Smile™ Softened

  • My Smile™  Oval

    My Smile™ Oval

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