Thompson Okanagan Dental Society Meeting

October 24-25, 2019

Join us at the T.O.D.S. Meeting at the Delta Okanagan Grand Thursday, October 24 from 6-9 pm while we discuss "How to Plan, Scan, and Restore Simple Implant Restorations" along side Henry Schein, Nobel BioCare and Dr. Bobby Birdi

Visit our booth Friday, October 25 on the show floor.

Jaw Joint Optimization

January 24 and 25, 2020


  • Dr. Edmund Liem

Learning Objectives:

  • How to create a repeatable healthy Centric Relation of the mandible before prepping teeth (Phase 1 Rehabilitation)
  • Learn which removable orthotics to use at various stages of Phase 1 Rehabilitation and why
  • Learn how to budget and treatment plan Phase 1 Rehabilitation
  • Why Jaw Joint health and Sleep Dentistry can’t be separated in the practice
  • How to quickly screen for Dental/Craniofacial health conditions
  • How to Examine and Diagnose patients for Dental/Craniofacial symptoms
  • How to prepare to restore with Phase 2 treatment if required
  • Bite Registration techniques for various conditions
  • And more

Course Outline:


Phase 2: Predictably Manage Your Large Restorative Treatment Plans

May 22-23, 2020


  • Dr. Dennis Marangos

Learning Objectives:

  • Equip doctors with options to stabilize the patient’s new mandibular position with esthetic fixed or removable prosthetics to a healthy engineered occlusion
  • Learn how to harmonize the new esthetics and function to the new bite from Phase 1 treatment
  • Learn when to use the 4 options of Phase 2 treatment at various patient feasibilities (eg. fixed prosthetics, removable prosthetics, hybrid prosthetics or orthodontics)
  • Learn how each treatment plan successfully fits into your practice efficiently

Course Outline: