1-2-3 Removables

When doctors apply Ocean’s protocol for either full maxillary or mandibular dentures, and partial dentures, these cases can be completed in only three appointments. Traditional techniques can take up to 6 appointments to deliver the end result. Contact us for a consultation today.

Acetal Resin Partial Frames

They are here! These high strength, durable frames are clear or tooth coloured and create beautiful, resilient and biocompatible frames for patients that blend far better than any traditional metal frame. Traditional pink acrylic and denture teeth are still used. Some limitations apply, and they require optimal occlusion as the frame can not be repaired after delivery.

Sleep Appliances, Mandibular Reposition Appliances and Snore Guards

Ocean believes these appliances are not meant to be prescribed as “bandaids” for the inconvenience of the snoring that sleep apnea creates, but are passionate about helping doctors get to the root of the problem. Ocean works hard to caution doctors on the negative effects of providing appliances without the proper screening and diagnosis of the patient. Denta4 helps guide doctors in finding the best new bite for optimization of the airway and jaw joint. Ocean provides most of the MRA’s available including: DENTA4 guard, Panthera, EMA, Tap 3, and Silencer.