Testimonials From Trusted Dental Professionals


Dr. Forgie - Terrace, BC

"I have been a dentist  in British  Columbia  for 26 years and own a full service  general  dentistry  practice  in Terrace  B.C. My search for a dental lab to build a career relationship with was fruitless for several years but when I met with Ocean Ceramics I knew my search was over. They have been instrumental in the building of my practice and I have been with them for 23 years now! A commitment to excellence in lab work, a passion for continuing education and dedicated personal service are hallmarks of the Ocean team! I cannot  recommend  Ocean Ceramics  highly  enough!"

Dr. Steven Hill - Vancouver, BC

"These guys are early adopters of change and I really respect that...I have used bigger labs [in the past] and have never got the same personal attention."

Dr. Amarjot Sajan

"Consistency. An amazing consistency and I know what I'm getting. The work is also beautiful, if I have cosmetic cases, I don't go anywhere else."

Dr. Carol Thorpe - Coquitlam, BC

"I have used Ocean ceramics as my dental lab for all my fixed prosthetics for approximately 30 years.  Their beautifully, accurate work, and consistent excellent results allow me to highly recommend their entire team.  I especially recommend their esthetically beautiful and natural porcelain work. Great communication, great team members,  you can not go wrong with this lab!"

Dr. Brian Clark - Vernon, BC

"I've been working with Ocean Ceramics for 30 years. The quality of the work is what got me...the family approach and the training is why I have worked with you consistently"

Dr. Jawanda - Quesnel, BC

"You won't find anyone who will try harder to please you.  The aesthetics I get are great, they look natural. I treat about 4 patients a week with ceramics from Ocean Ceramics."

Dr. Rostam Shahriary - Coquitlam, BC

"Good communication between the lab staff and myself with no hesitation to answer questions when I have them. I always appreciate the interactive opportunities to learn"

Clearly Comfortable Smiles - Bellingham, BC

"David and James have put together a comprehensive mix of lab services.  A number of AACD accreditation cases have come from their lab.  Their knowledge of occlusion and of material qualities can make your crown and bridge seats so easy and predictable.  One of the best." 

Dr. Andrew Kiteboarder - Vancouver, BC

"Best lab ever! I switched to Ocean over 15 years ago, and instantly noticed several differences from all the previous labs I had used:  Their crowns needed much less adjustment than anything I previously had experienced.  Indeed, I would say my crown insert time was about twice as fast with Ocean.  Cosmetically, Ocean’s lab work is the best I’ve ever seen - the difference is noticeable for dentists and patients alike. However, the most important reason I’d never switch labs is their amazing customer service, I love that Ocean is a multi-generational family run business that clearly takes much pride in their work.  They are always willing to give that one-on-one service and personal touch, and will go above and beyond to make my patients and myself happy.  I really feel like they have my back.  Great job and thanks for all the wonderful work! "

Dr. David Larsen - Abbotsford, BC

"I have been an avid supporter of Ocean Ceramics for nearly 30 years. I am so grateful for the quality of work and professional integrity of the whole crew. My success in providing quality dentistry to patients is in large part due to my relationships with these amazing and gifted humans. Thank you for excellent service and friendship. "

Dr. Faucher & Dr. Manji - Langley, BC

"Always a pleasure to work with such an amazing lab! A big thank you to David, Tyrell and the rest of the team at Ocean Ceramics. We and our patients appreciate all your great work and service!"

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